How to get started: Choose a keyword from the dropdown list ('please choose') with which you want to start your search. Instead of this text you will then see the title of a piece of music that belongs to the chosen category. If you click on 'Play' a player will appear and you can start listening. You can press 'pause' and 'continue' listening, vary the volume and you can wind forward and backward (mind that you can only wind forward as far as the data will have been transferred). You can continue your search while the music is still playing, the playback will not be interrupted. The music only stops if you press 'pause', choose another piece of music or leave the page. Some information about the individual pieces of music has been shortened due to lack of space. But you can see the complete text by passing the respective passage with the cursor. The field that resembles a note contains further information. Some pieces of music have a link attached to them on their bottom right-hand side to stylistically similar pieces. You should also use these links, because not all the titles have been catalogued in the dropdown list, yet.

Downloads: If the word 'download' appears in red, you can download the respective piece of music for free. While downloading, your browser takes over. Please note that you neither receive the rights to the composition nor to the recording. The music is for private use only.

If the word 'download' appears in grey, a download is not possible. This might have two reasons: either the download is legally not allowed or downloading is momentarily not possible due to technical reasons. You are told the respective reason if you position the cursor on the word 'download'. In the latter case you should try again later.